We are more than just
a pretty indoor garden

We really want you to get to know us—so let’s get started.


Our target consists of city dwellers between the ages of 20–40 who have time for extra activities. They care for presentation, whether it is on a plate or in the garden; the little details really matter to them. They are the type of people who experiment with new ingredients and aim to present visually-appealing dishes. They are even willing to go that extra mile and grow their own garnish. They find creative ways to satiate their curiosity and aim for nurture and growth.


We are playfully experimental. We like to experiment with things, especially the unconventional methods for the sake of new discoveries. We go au natural. We believe that the best things that grow in nature are the ones that are unaltred by chemicals and fertilizers. We like them as mother nature intended—Wild. We get dirty. We care about appearance and believe that colors & delicacy deserve an honorable place in a home and on the plate—so naturally, we like to get our hands dirty in the process.

Positioning Statement

The Shrubbery brings an indoor garden to new and experienced cooks and gardeners in small spaces. These home-grown flowers will make cooking and cocktails more appealing with an approach that is easy for everyone—even those who don’t possess a green thumb. An apartment may not be ideal for gardening, but that should not stop one from growing beautiful garnish.

Core Attributes