Design Challenge

An overarching sentiment hovering over all good art installations is “wouldn’t it be great if I owned that?” This is especially true with beloved artist Ellsworth Kelly, whose minimalist designs suite a myriad of tastes. The challenge then was to create a brochure that would not only honor and reflect Kelly’s work but also serve as a worthy take-home for art lovers and supporters of San Francisco Museum of Art.


Kelly’s abstract paintings are inspired by the interplay of light, space, and color in the architecture around him. Therefore, I chose to encase the brochure in a windowpane hard cover, with the exhibition ticket on the back. The brochure itself incorporated Kelly’s love for bold blocks of color and shapes in a non-standard trifold design. The result is a minimal yet subtly complex homage to the featured artist that will not be left in the trash bin by the Museum’s door.