Design Challenge

Absurd, a little dark, yet quirkily self-depreciating. Easy to put into words, a little more difficult to reflect visually when creating a trilogy of book jackets for the short stories of David Sedaris. The challenge was to represent this tone and tenor of Sedaris while providing a conceptually strong culmination of the experiences shared within the stories.


The first step was finding the subject matter. Sedaris’ quirky revelations often come in the form of absurd and off-kilter scenarios. Therefore, the props used needed to be equally absurd. Next was tone. Sedaris uses humor to shine a light on the darkness of humanity. Therefore, I used light and shadows as a unifying motif. Finally cohesion. The props were photographed within the same setting, and a red highlight was applied to each image to unify the aesthetic. Shadow lines were added to the back covers to signify the book’s order. All three-cover designs are also printed on canvas inkjet paper to add texture and to finish the cohesive look.