Design Challenge

A civilization dividing presidential election happened right around the time I was asked to create a short story using the basic principles of animation that would appeal to both young and old. So in a time when the future is uncertain, and hope and optimism are in immeasurably high demand, the challenge was what would appeal to these now divided demographics?

Design Solution

Penguins cannot fly. So they decided to be great swimmers instead. You have to think, though, that they sometimes look at the other birds and think they drew the short straw. So Lucy decided to do something about it. Lucy was going to find her way into the sky and, despite many obstacles and trials, she did. Resilience and perseverance can bring us through the most negative of times, and that is the story I thought to tell. Using the basic movements of down to up, left to right (as well as the cutest penguin eye—I could muster) I turned a little bouncing ball into my representation of hope.